The Mission

Excellent Investment Performance
Impact on Communities
Real Estate Innovation

At Westside Capital Group, we strive to deliver excellent investment performance and provide for capital protection on the downside. By investing in real estate, we allocate capital into the most tangible alternative investment asset class with a direct impact on people’s lives. We aspire to influence communities around us for the better. We are proud to contribute to improving real assets and companies around us, and we look to innovate. We would like to change the way people think about real estate. We work hard to fulfil our mission. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

We aspire to create solutions that produce long-term value for our investors, enhance the real estate companies and assets in which we invest, and that benefit the communities around us. Buildings constructed or refurbished to the highest standard enhance our communities, and stronger companies generate better job opportunities. Our determination to conduct business with the highest integrity is the core of our culture. By making all of our investments stronger and better positioned for long-term growth, we can help create quality jobs, benefit communities and contribute to improving the future of people around us.

Charitable Initiatives

Westside is committed to inspiring entrepreneurship and increasing awareness of major current issues that affect neighborhoods in select communities. By leveraging the commitment and intellectual resources of Westside and our partners, we strive to help entrepreneurs in underprivileged communities through mentorship, focused initiatives and financial support. As investors, entrepreneurs and citizens, we strive to deliver excellent investment performance, create innovative business concepts, and to leave the Earth a better place.