Investment Approach

Unique Investment Strategies
Key Value Alignments
Entrepreneurial Mindset

Real Estate Companies and Platforms

At Westside Capital Group, we implement a unique investment approach. We acquire growing real estate companies and platforms at discounts to intrinsic value and/or net asset value. We position ourselves to create interdependent value upside between follow-on acquisitions of value-added real estate assets and acquisitions of companies along the real estate value chain. We primarily focus on relationship driven special situations where we can take control; find innovative follow-on investments, and create synergic value upside with our direct asset and portfolio investment program. We position our portfolio companies for future growth, and they help us create value at the asset level.

Acquisitions of Assets and Portfolios

We focus on acquiring high-quality, well located value-added assets at discounts to replacement cost, and we address any property or business plan needs through proactive, hands-on asset management, refurbishment and/or redevelopment. Once we have executed on our business plans, we strategically combine both companies and assets to sell the aggregated investment as a platform or we opportunistically sell individual assets to core institutional investors. We look to enhance the value of properties across many different markets, with primary focus on developed Western European markets, select markets in Central and Eastern Europe and the United States.

Hands-On Asset Management

By investing in real estate assets and companies along the real estate value chain, we create interdependent upside, generate additional investment potential and deliver operating excellence. We engage in a proactive approach that allows us to predict and eliminate operational issues; fix structural issues while focusing on value creation, and sell to a perpetual owner of real estate and/or a strategic corporate buyer. Our real estate corporate investment program is focused on creating strategic value alignments between investments and fully-integrated asset management capabilities in our key markets. Our portfolio companies help us enhance value and increase profitability of our direct asset and portfolio investments through a local, in-house asset management expertise and extensive, local relationships.

Capital and Financing

We work strategically through each investment to create the most efficient risk-adjusted capital structure including senior debt, junior debt, preferred equity and equity. As mindful investors and fiduciaries of capital, we like to produce superior risk-adjusted returns and provide for capital preservation on the downside. Given the long-term view we take, we aim to deliver excellent “through the cycle” investment performance, judiciously manage risk throughout macroeconomic cycles and look for innovative investment opportunities. We work with reputable financing providers that provide us senior and junior debt, and we strategically co-invest with proven, institutional-caliber investors where we have conviction upside generating alignments arise through such partnership.